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The Yande family and medical services have a deep rooted connect going back to the 1940s when our grandfather Dattatraya Yande wanted to become a doctor. But due to paucity of funds and opportunities , the dream remained unfulfilled. His two sons Dr. Rajeev Yande and Dr. Shirish Yande , highly motivated by this unfulfilled dream , became surgeons - Dr. Rajeev Yande an ENT surgeon and Dr. Shirish Yande is an urologist. Dr. Rajeev Yande’s wife , Dr. Mrs. Kadambari R. Yande is an ophthalmologist. Although they were all in the U.K. , around 30 years ago they decided to come back to India and thus began the journey of providing healthcare services. The journey started in a small clinic. With hard work and a sincere and thorough approach the setup slowly grew. Dr. Rajeev Yande’s son , Dr. Siddharth R. Yande , after becoming an ENT surgeon and returning from U.K. joined the family and with the addition of his wife , a dentist , Dr. Mrs. Kshitija S. Yande , the next generation joined in. With the blessings and love of happy and satisfied patients the activities grew with the addition of GOOD’H’EARS – a centre of hearing rehabilitation . A speciality department for the management of Snoring & Sleep Apnoea because of the special interest of Dr. Sidddhrath R. Yande in the management of Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome and Smart Tooth – a dental specoiality care centre. And then the next generation came in with Dr Siddharth Yande - ENT surgeon and Dr. Mrs. Kshitija S. - a dentist. The latest being the setting up of Speciality Daycare Centre a speciality Centre for the management of ENT , eye , dental patients with speciality departments for management of snoring and sleep apnea , hearing loss etcetera The aim is to provide a top quality and humane healthcare service. Where patients don’t stay patients but become a part of the YANDE HEALTHCARE SERVICES family ! This is just the beginning , and the vision is to not only grow in quality and quantity in the present but more importantly inspire the future generations to go higher and farther !!!

Our Mission

Where our patients don’t stay just patients but become a part of our Speciality Daycare Centre family !!!


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Dr.Rajiv Yande

E.N.T Surgeon

Dr.Siddharth Yande

E.N.T. Surgeon

Dr.Amrita Ambekar-Siddha
Dr.Mrs.Amrita Ambekar-Siddha

E.N.T Surgeon

Dr.Kshitija Yande
Dr.Mrs.Kshitija S.Yande


Dr.Kadambari Yande
Dr.Mrs.Kadambari R.Yande