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The Yande family and medical services have a deep rooted connect going back to the 1940s  when our grandfather Dattatraya Yande wanted to become a doctor. But due to paucity of funds and opportunities , the dream remained unfulfilled. His two sons Dr. Rajeev Yande and Dr. Shirish Yande , highly motivated by this unfulfilled dream , became surgeons – Dr. Rajeev Yande an ENT surgeon and Dr. Shirish Yande is an urologist. Dr. Rajeev Yande’s wife , Dr. Mrs. Kadambari R. Yande is an ophthalmologist. Although they were all in the U.K. , around 30 years ago they decided to come back to India and thus began the journey of providing healthcare services.

The next generation then joined in.Dr.Siddharth R.Yande, after becoming an ENT surgeon and returning from U.K. along with his wife and dentist  Dr.Mrs.Kshitija S. Yande, ringed in the dawn of a new era of multiple services under one roof with ultra modern facilities

Our Specialties


Advanced diagnostics & therapeutics for ENT problems


Ophthalmology department with special attention for elderly for cataract treatment


Oral healthcare with ultra modern facilities

SNORING & Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Team with a special interest in management of these patients with facilities such as flexible endoscopy, polysomnography or sleep study etc

AUDIOLOGY & Hearing Aid Centre

Testing for hearing loss,advanced hearing aids​ & Speech and Voice Therapy, Cochlear Implants, Tinnitus help centre, Audiometry

OPD Schedule

Dr.Rajeev Yande
Dr.Siddharth Yande

Time: 11.30 am -8 pm
Monday - Friday

Dr.Mrs.Kshitija S.Yande & Team

Evenings by appointment

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Dr.Mrs.Kadambari R.Yande

6.30 pm-8 pm( By Appointments)

Audiology & Hearing Aid Centre

6.30 pm-8 pm( By Appointments)

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